The Elafiti Island

The Elafiti IslandKolocep, Lopud and Sipan are the major islands comprising the chain of Elafiti islands between the Pelješac peninsula and the Lapad peninsula. Their name derives from the ancient Greek word ‘elafos’ meaning deer. These islands were once places favored for the summer residences of the Dubrovnik aristocrats.

The three most well-known islands are Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan and each has treasures  to explored: caves, ruins of fortresses, churches, monasteries.

Taking a day cruise to one or all of the ELEFITI ISLANDS perhaps should be one of your "must see" attractions. Altogether the Elafits cover less than 30 square kilometers and are inhabited by fewer than a thousand people.

Kolocep is the smallest and closest of the 3 major islands and is the site of Witches Cave & blue Cave; Lopud, the 2nd largest and most visited island and is 50 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik.